Audio visual wiring connected to a mixer
A/V Hookups

Our team will help you with all of your audio-visual wiring needs. Our team can install your home theater system, surround sound, multi-room audio, wire management solutions and more. No job is too small. Explain your budget, and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

A handful of fiber optic cables in a technician's hand
Fiber Optics

Need speed? Not a problem. Today’s audio and video applications require low latency and high throughput. High definition 4k video and online gaming benefit from faster cabling for playback without delays, lag, glitches, and jitter. Our Las Vegas based technicians can wire your home or office with high-speed cables such as Cat6a and fiber-optic cable.

Latest Technologies

With years of experience, we know where audio-visual and networking technology is headed. We will keep you on the front-line of what’s up-and-coming. For example, we’re already rolling out HDBaseT video converters, 10gb ready wiring and components.

Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Southern Nevada

Our technicians service Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump and all of the nearby towns in the Southern Nevada region. In fact, our experience here in Las Vegas goes back to the days of Ultimate Electronics. As the city has grown, our company has grown with it. Please call us at (702) 551-2000 and we’d be happy to help you solve any of your wiring problems.